Acer Computers - Mobile Computing That Will Fit in Your Purse

For less than three hundred dollars, you can now get a ten inch Acer computer, one with a sizable hard drive and a very workable screen size and keyboard size, that will easily fit in a large purse and is light and portable enough to take with you basically everywhere.

If you are a person that works largely from your computer, and especially if you take your computer back and forth between your home and your office, lightness and portablity can be key factors in your laptop decision. I know that I, personally, have suffered many a headache from lugging my seventeen inch laptop around from home to the office where I do SEO work, and back again, when that was my primary laptop. Thank God those days are over! I wouldn't go back there for the world.

Now that I have the Acer ten inch laptop, I simply zip it into its padded cover and slip it into my purse. If I'm planning to use it for a long time while I'm out, I will bring the bag that I have which contains the power cord and my wireless mouse, as well. Those don't take up very much room, either. Everything together is so light that I barely even notice the difference in weight in my purse!

Another thing I love about the Acer ten inch computer is that it doesn't run on Windows Vista, it runs on Windows XP. Because in my line of work as a freelance niche marketer and search engine optimization consultant, I use a lot of custom software, it's great to have a laptop that will easily run pretty much any custom software I want to install, smoothly and easily.

I couldn't be happier with my Acer ten inch laptop!