HP PDA phones - Unchained Mobile Computing

HP is one of the most recognized brand in the personal computing field. Over the years, the company have successfully made and maintained an enviable reputation in personal computing scene with many leading computers, consumer electronic goods, notebooks, computer peripherals and accessories in its product portfolio. As the world of personal computing rapidly merging with mobile computing, HP's entry to the mobile phones and PDA market was an widely anticipated move.

Palm tops and pocket PCs manufactured by HP are clubbed together as iPAQ series. Each hand-held from this manufacturing giant offers their user a definitive edge over other mobile phones with their enhanced mobile computing skills. All of HP PDA phones features Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher as their operating system, thereby opening up new vistas of opportunity for its user. One could have a better idea of HP PDA phones' capabilities when they compare them to the ones available in stores today.

HP PDA phones' functionality could be assessed by its built quality and its specification. The low budget HP iPAQ rx4240 is a great device for connecting, entertaining and organizing. The handset is fitted with a 400 MHz Samsung processor and works on Windows Mobile 5.0. Endowed with premium features like touch screen, integrated WLAN 802.11b/g and Bluetooth wireless technology, SD slot and one year warranty, the HP iPAQ rx4240 is almost at par with the best of other manufacturers.

Similarly, other handsets like HP iPAQ 510, HP iPAQ hx2495, HP iPAQ hx2795 and HP iPAQ rx5915 exhibits the best of mobile computing. Each handset signifies HP's emergence as a major player in not just PDAs but the whole mobile phone fraternity. Among the most recent offerings of the company, the HP iPAQ hw6945 Mobile messenger deserves a special mention. This powerhouse is equipped with an Intel PXA270 processor (416 MHz) and Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Edition. From WiFi to Bluetooth, GPS receiver to multi megapixel camera - this HP PDA phone has it all to make it to the top, much like the company itself.