Netbooks, Mini-Laptops Leading the Mobile Computing Proliferation

Netbooks or what are also known as mini-notebooks are the latest ventures in the personal computers arena. Netbooks are attracting attention all over the world because of their miniature attractive size and small price tag. Because of their cheap price tag, people who can't afford typical laptops can now look forward to purchasing netbooks instead. But there are several things which you will have to take into consideration before buying a netbooks. If you love speed, don't go for it, as netbooks are slower.

These mini-notebooks require sufficient performance of the processor in an effort to carry out basic computing tasks like email, spreadsheet, word processing, web browsing and photo editing. Most of the netbooks, however, use Intel Atom processors while the other use processers from VIA.

Owing to their cheap price tag you can't expect mini-notebooks to offer the same plethora of features as compared to laptops. For example, there is no support for optical disk drives like DVDs or CDs and they depend on software which is being supplied over a network or from USB devices. The main purpose of introducing mini-notebooks was to be used along with wireless networks for quick surfing web and sending and receiving emails etc.

Netbooks do not contain any important hard drives and use flash and solid state drives. This results in images, documents and other material having to be stored online which could be retrieved later through the internet. More modern netbooks now have micro drives integrated ranging up to 300GB.

In an effort to make netbooks affordable, manufactures are using smaller screens. The first netbook introduced had a 7 inch screen. But these days' netbooks support up to 11 and 12 inch screens. Companies are still looking to increase their size further during the coming months. Owing to their smaller size the netbooks are lighter in weight, but contain a very small size keyboard which can be uncomfortable if using the keyboard for long periods of time. Most netbooks use Windows XP or Vista 32bit as the hardware performance has yet to give the min-laptops the ability to run 64bit systems. It is hoped that Windows 7 would contain a lighter version made exclusively for min-laptops. However, users can opt for Linux OS also for their min-laptops.

Pricing for Netbooks, Mini Notebooks [] range depending on the internal hardware and manufacturers brand, one key thing to mention is the netbook is designed for casual and mobile use and acts much like a highly advanced cell phone. Most netbooks come ready with advanced microphones and camera interfaces built in.

Some of the netbook brands available today are: ACER Aspire One AOD150-1920 10.1" Netbook, Samsung NC10 14-GB 10.2 Inch Blue netbook, HP Mini 1101, MSI Wind U100 etc. min-laptops manufacturers include Lenova, Benq, acer, Samsung, HP, MSI, Sylvania, Asus etc.